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Tick-Borne Diseases and COVID - European Webinar


Tick-Borne Diseases and COVID: Similarities and Contrasts 

Date: Monday, March 15

Time: 8 PM Central European Standard Time (CET) / 3 PM Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Pricing: Free

Speaker: Joseph J. Burrascano, Jr., MD  

Join us for a special presentation from Dr. Burrascano as he discusses the similarities and differences between Lyme and COVID.

Dr. Burrascano is a world famous tick-borne disease physician, best known for his educational presentations and for his monographs on diagnostic and treatment guidelines for Lyme and related tick-borne illnesses- a classic series that has been freely circulated around the world beginning in 1989.

With over two decades of clinical experience and research in this field, he has advised the CDC and NIH, testified before the U.S. Senate, an armed services joint subcommittee, and at various governor's councils. He is also a past Board Member of ILADS and ILADEF.

He currently works full time as an analyst for a private biotech company, helping to bring advanced technologies and treatments out of the lab and into general use.


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